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Merrick Management & Media Services
Service Area: National
Description: We provide boutique business and personal assistance via the internet to busy entrepreneurs, homemakers, and retirees. Our background is in Fortune 500 companies. We are highly skilled administrative professionals that are able to help you have a powerful impact on the joy and productivity of your life. We also have a pro recording studio on site.
Services: Personal Assistance, Scheduling, Realtor Services, Concierge Services, Travel Assistance, Website Maintenance, Social Media Services, Email Marketing, Shopping Cart Services, HOA and Non Profit Assistance, Educator Assistance, Proofreading & Editing, Music Production, Recording, Mixing and Engineering, Digital File Management, organizational help.
Phone: 828-407-0622
Website: Visit Website
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GreyRock Gatehouse

138 Grey Rock Parkway
Lake Lure, NC 28746

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